Since the founder, Kazumi Kakuzaki, inaugurated Tokiwa Woodworking Plant in 1925, our company has been committed to producing ten pins for bowling, fishing tackle, electric xylophonic guitars, gateball equipment, chairs and other furniture in accordance with the need of the times as a wood ware manufacturer for fifty years.

With the spread of gateball, SUN SHINE SPORTS CO.,LTD. was established in 1975, as a manufacturer specialized in the production of gateball equipment and Yukio Kakuzaki was inaugurated as the president.
Ever since we have held numerous promotional exhibitions of gateball both domestically and internationally, striving to the utmost in order to popularize and develop this typically Japanese sport as a leading equipment specialist.

SUN SHINE U.S.A. team from Los Angels, U.S.A. participated in the Second World Gateball Tournament as a result of our effort to disseminate gateball, and the activities of SUN SHINE U.S.A. throughout the states.
In 1990, SUN SHINE SPORTS held a world tournament at Tokyo Dome, eighteen hundred players from all over the world participated the event.
Since then we have held a number of international amity events in China, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, U.S.A., Taiwan, Thai, Brazil, Indonesia-Bali and Australia to introduce this unique sport.
Also in 2000, a large number of gateball players participated in our Seventy-fifth Anniversary Tournament in Las Vegas, U.S.A.(Click the link site to see the images)

Furthermore, we have been developing mallet golf instruments under the guidance of the Nagano Prefecture Education Board, we have provided the equipment for many mallet golf fans.
We've also embarked on producing other sports equipment; such as petanque, putter golf, quoits, golf, target bird golf and flying discs in order to meet our customers' needs.

In 2000, Tatsuya Kakuzaki was inaugurated as a new president of SUN SHINE SPORTS, and he is committed to providing the best service as per the company's doctrine; Contribution to the public health maintenance.
SUN SHINE SPORTS is a manufacturer which produces and provides equipment for gateball, mallet golf, golf and other sports.
Moreover, SUN SHINE SPORTS has always been a keen supporter of customers' sports life and has enriched the leisure time of both senior and younger generations, and helped to bridge the international gap through the enjoyment of various sporting past-times with premium products.

Registered Name : SUN SHINE SPORTS CO., LTD.
Headquarter : 5330 Shimauchi Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture 390-0851
TEL : +81-263-47-1577
FAX : +81-263-47-6945
E-mail :
Capital : 10,000,000 JPY
Directors :
President Tatsuya Kakuzaki
Vice President Masako Kakuzaki
Director Yuki Kakuzaki
Allied Companies : DAY'S GOLDEN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD - Taiwan
DAE-SUNG G.T. CO., LTD - Korea

Mission Statement
We make contribution to the public health maintenance through sports.
Management Policy   (Mission Statement)
Health & Communication
SUN SHINE SPORTS always supports both senior and younger customers' healthy life, social life, and leisure time through sports, as well as produces various sporting instruments.
Bridge All Over The World
We are willing to be a bridge for the people all over the world through introducing and promoting senior generation's sports. And also we'd like to support friendly relations between the nations from organizing international sports events.
Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability
We create a new sense of values for the life under the consideration of environment and health. Bright future must be left to a next generation.
Business Content (Main Products)
SUN SHINE SPORTS develops, manufactures, and provides senior sports instruments with leading technology. We are willing to offer premium quality sports tools which will meet our customers' satisfaction.

Main Products
Our gateball instruments are sanctioned by JAPAN GATEBALL UNION
Mallet Golf
Our mallet golf instruments are sanctioned by JAPAN MALLET GOLF ASSOCIATION
Ground Golf
Our ground golf instruments are sanctioned by JAPAN GROUND GOLF ASSOCIATION
Cosmetics (NOEVIR)
Supplemental Foods (NOEVIR)
Fishing Tackles
JUNSD's Japanese Representative (Sports Watches etc.)

SUN SHINE SPORTS is a sports instruments manufacturer which contributes to society through introducing, promoting, producing and providing our senior sports tools, and willing to meet our customers', business acquaintances', employees' and society's expectations by our persevering efforts.