* Please note that this is not official page of mallet golf rules. Rules may not be explained clearly and/or adequately. However, it may help you play as your reference.


  • The competition is performed based upon stroke play. If more than two players have the same score, the final rank can be decided by the day of birth. The older the player is, the higher the rank is.
  • If more than two players rank number 1 after the competition, the play off can be conducted to decide the # 1 rank.
The number of people
  • A group consists mostly of 4 players. Depending upon a situation, some of groups can be made by 3 players.
Group Leader
  • Before the competition, a group leader needs to be decided. This person should know the rules and course conditions very well. The group leader takes a responsibility to decide who starts at first and record the scores of all his or her members.
Starting Order
  • Before the start, the group leader takes a lead to decide who would start at first. It can be decided by draw or "rock-paper-scissors".
  • After the first shot, a player whose ball is most far from the hole would be his or her turn. If the distance between the ball and the hole is within 1m, that player may continuously play or mark and remove the ball.
  • After the first hole where players start, an owner (a player who hits the ball least) should start a next hole at first.
  • Even if a player makes a mistake of hitting order, the number of strokes is effective.
The Way of Hitting the Ball
  • Each hole, the first shot must be taken on the tee mat or the back of a certain area where a line is drawn between two tee marks.
  • The ball needs to be hit by the face of the head. Using other parts to hit the ball is against the rule.
  • There is no restriction against the players' form. However, if the swing form possibly causes danger, then it must be restricted.
  • Players must not push the ball up and down
  • Swing without a shot is counted as one stroke.
    (If players play against these rules, the penalty is the addition of one stroke.)
  • If the player's ball hits the other player's ball, the ball which hits should be left. The ball which was hit should be taken back to the place where it was.
  • Players are allowed to remove small stones and grasses on the ground from a course. However, they should not remove stones and grasses which are in the ground.
  • There is a certain situation where player's ball obstructs a next play. In that case, a player needs to mark and remove the ball if there is any request from other group members. If there is no request, the player should not do that.
Lost Ball
  • The time of the search is 3 minutes.
  • If the ball is lost, add one stroke and play from the last shot the player took.
  • The players should not get any advices from others.
Wiping balls
  • Players are allowed to wipe their balls only if they get the permission from other group members.
  • If it is impossible to hit the ball, that player announces "Unplayable". And he or she replaces the ball to an area within the distance of his or her stick length and continues to play.
Giving Up
  • If a player could not finish the hole with the twice as many as par stroke, then the player's score is counted as the par stroke of two times. (For instance, if the par of a course is 4, then the score is 8.)